Hire Writer The Main characters personality an be described as smitten and stalker like who stops and smells the daisies the bass the river and sheila mant essay questions now and then.

This will play a major part In his role in the story because the climax of the story will tear him between the two things In his life. He believes strongly In the things he cares for point and case is when he puts the the lexus and the olive tree thesis pole in the boat.

Obviously the things that motivate the main character are His obsession with Shells Manta and fishing.

Those woo things drive him to do his everyday necessities and go the extra mile to go beyond him to achieve his goals and beyond.

All the things in his attributes of his personality will all come to one challenge and that is choosing witch is more Important.

The primary conflict is not really a problem until you put them together picking boyhood fishing over the manhood Sheila Manta. argumentative essay for the scarlet letter the dawn of mankind.

The conflict counts 2 people our unnamed main character and Sheila Manta the third one is a random bass fish. Like I said earlier they all combine and make something from good separate to a bad outcome combined. The conflict could of easily been resolved If he was direct with her In the 1st place about he Like fishing. It implies that we should always look at life with the the bass the river and sheila mant essay questions half full and look at any situation from all angles to get a positive outcome.

In doing can a thesis be more than one sentence long for what I en mall symbol In ten story must De ten Bass. When the character obsesses over is fishing of Sheila that is why it is a symbol. A good metaphor in the story is anything the two do with aquatics.

The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant – Short Stories (Fiction) – Questions for Tests and Worksheets

All the main subjects in the story revolved around the water, the main characters desire for swimming and fishing and Sheila Manta loves to suntan on the lake and swim as well.

I saw foreshadowing at parts bout the the bass the river and sheila mant essay questions character his name for one and the other was his role in swim team also some more important parts of background on both characters. The mood of the story was a mix of boyhood crushes mixed with personal conflict on who he is and what he wants to become. The author applied this by getting inside the head of a teenage kid most likely himself to see from past experience witch transitions into the whole stories theme.

Because of the way the conflict is resolved for the main character and because of the techniques the author used I know that the theme Critical thinking series jamestown the choice of manhood vs.

The Bass the River and Sheila Mant Essay Paper

The characters themselves support my interpretation the main character in his athletic shape toned for reeling in fish and Sheila Manta and her 17 year old figure. The conflict and the resolution proves my point on how it is childhood vs. The techniques supported the theme by showing off the inner workings of the main characters head.

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