Socransky SS, Haffajee Ad.

Three Key Elements for Regeneration

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The use of bovine osteogenic protein to promote rapid osseointegration of endosseous dental implants. Therefore, it was surprising that the use of just one growth factor in combination with an osteoconductive scaffold led to bone formation.

A possible explanation is that BMP-2 stands at or near the top of a cascade of growth factors needed for bone formation and that through biological feedback mechanisms, the bone morphogenetic protein literature review combination of growth factors is attained. The alveolar bone is a unique bone morphogenetic protein literature review structure. Besides providing mechanical strength to skeletal system and websites to buy essays for the surrounding soft tissues, the alveolar bone also gives support to teeth and allows tooth eruption, orthodontic movement of teeth into the reconstructed cleft, and, if indicated, osseointegration of dental implants.

Unfortunately, quality of bone formation in this respect was not assessed in write a essay of the three studies.


Future studies are required to address these issues. Conclusion The three studies that met our selection criteria all assessed BMPaided bone tissue engineering. The application of BMP-2 on an absorbable sponge consisting of type 1 bovine collagen for the reconstruction of the alveolar cleft in CLAP is a very promising technique.

Favourable results with BMP-2 have been obtained in terms of quantity of bone formation. The application of BMP-2 results in shortening of the operation time, absence of donor site morbidity, shorter hospital stay and reduction of bone morphogenetic protein literature review cost. Recommendation Larger and well-designed randomised controlled trials are needed to compare the results from BMPaided bone tissue engineering with the results of autologous bone grafts in alveolar bone grafting.

For the assessment of quantity of bone formation, height of bone and location of bone in the cleft defect should be specified.

For the assessment of quality of bone, tooth eruption should be evaluated as well as periodontal status of teeth adjacent to and in the bone morphogenetic protein literature review cleft area, success of orthodontic movement of teeth into the former cleft area and osseointegration of dental implants.

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